Hooken Undercliff, Beer, Devon

Hooken Undercliff, Beer, Devon

Hooken Undercliff between Beer and Branscombe on the Devon coast was formed in 1790 when a dramatic landslip left an entirely new landscape. Over time it’s grown and rambled and now, well, it’s like a different world where thick vegetation scrambles over towering white pinnacles; it feels jungle-like and prehistoric in some ways, but then you hear the birdsong and you remember where you are. You’ll see butterflies flitting about in the summer because Hooken Undercliff is a haven for wildlife, probably because it’s more temperate along this part of the coast, especially compared to the bracing cliff tops up above.  

Hooken Undercliff is on the South West Coast Path and the walk from Beer to Branscombe is popular with locals as well as intrepid explorers walking the entire route. The trail is steep in places, in one part there’s a long flight of steps, and it gets perilously close to the cliff edge, but take your time and you’ll be fine. Good news is there are refreshments either end – at Beer there’s Ducky’s Beach Café and The Anchor Inn, and at Branscombe there’s The Sea Shanty Beach Café, The Mason’ Arms or The Fountain Head.

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