Branscombe, Devon

Branscombe, Devon

Branscombe is a gorgeous little village snucked between the cliffs on the coast of East Devon, reached by a long winding lane that becomes the main street and runs gently down the hill to the sea, past picture-postcard thatched cottages hung with flowers, roses scrambling up the walls. The beach is a long and shingly and if you're not inclined to swimming on the sea or sunbathing take a walk up the clifftop and follow the South West Coast Path to Beer. Otherwise go and poke your head in the church, or in the working forge or the Old Bakery where they have a fascinating collection of old tins and provers, and out the back, a heavenly little tea garden. Those who are full of daring-do can venture down over the steep cliff on the zig-zaggy path to Littlecombe Shoot, but be warned you have to go back up the same way. 

Hungry? Thirtsy? Right on the beach there's the award winning Sea Shanty Beach Cafe; in the main street there's the Mason's Arms, or a little further up the hill, The Fountain Head. A good slice of lovely old fashioned charm, like something from an Enid Blyton holiday. 

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