Littlecombe Shoot, Branscombe, Devon

Littlecombe Shoot, Branscombe, Devon

Once discovered, Littlecombe Shoot is one of those places you kind of want to keep to yourself; it’s a hidden cove, tucked away on the Jurassic Coast next to the main beach at Branscombe. The only thing is if you’re not in the best shape physically you might find the access slightly problematic, but it’s fun; go up behind the village church, cross the South West Coast Path and you’ll find a narrow path that zigzags its way down the cliff face, with rope banisters to hold on to where you need them. It can be perilous after heavy rainfall and if you happen to meet people on their way back up, well, you’re all going to have to squeeze in.

But it’s all worth it when you get to the beach. There’s never a crowd there because not many people know about Littlecombe Shoot and a lot of folk are put off by the scramble down the cliff. The fact that there are no amenities here tends to deter people too – there are no loos, no ice cream vans or food shacks, it’s just a small pebbly beach backed by steep cliffs covered in thick vegetation and here and there a makeshift hut or rustic looking chalet.

Have a swim or a paddle, make a pebble stack, take forty winks. Then muster up the energy to make your way back up to the clifftop and treat yourselves to lunch at the Mason’s Arms or The Fountain Head; alternatively, wind down to the Sea Shanty Beach Café for a nibble by the shore. A lovely day out on your large group holiday in Devon.

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