Great Offers on Holiday Houses For 6 With A Private Pool

If you’re looking for great offers on holiday houses for 6 with a private pool, read on, because we have some beauties. Our stunning self catering accommodation isn’t just for big groups; it’s also available to sleep 6 guests with fantastic price drops, and you still get everything else – swimming pools, hot tubs, games rooms, saunas, BBQ lodges and children’s play equipment.

We have beautiful holiday homes in Devon and Somerset, in peaceful settings out in the glorious countryside with rolling hills and open fields all around; just imagine the stillness, the tranquility, and the fresh air. Honestly, it’s like having a world of your own when you stay with Blackdown Luxury Lettings, so we perfectly understand if you feel sad when it’s time to leave. But you can come back again, you know you can.

What sets our holiday houses for 6 with a private pool apart from the crowd is that they have so much more to offer. They have a huge helping of added luxury – not just swimming pools but also hot tubs (some indoors), saunas, games rooms, fairy lit BBQ lodges and play equipment for the tinies. And here’s the thing – it’s ALL YOURS. You don’t have to share it with anyone. Now that’s unusual for a holiday house sleeping 6, and if you were to stay in a hotel it certainly wouldn’t be the case, you’d be sharing all the facilities with every Tom, Dick and Harry and you’d probably be paying more for it. This is why our great offers are called great offers! The only thing we should point out is that you don't necessarily get all the bedrooms, but you get enough to sleep you all very comfortably. 

We all know the latest rules, that you can’t meet with more than 6 people indoors or outdoors unless you’re all part of the same family/household or support bubble – that’s okay if there’s more than 6 of you. So, for example, you might be a family of 2 parents and 5 children; a total of 7, but as you’re all from the same household you can go on holiday together. You might have a support bubble consisting of one family of 6 (2 parents and 4 children) and another family of 3 (1 parent and 2 children), so that’s 9 of you and you can all stay in the same house when you’re on holiday.

These are dismal times, we’re not enjoying ourselves as we should be, none of us, so isn’t it best to try and grab as much joy as we can from each day? Happiness is a bit thin on the ground right now but one sure way to get a good fill of it is to have a holiday, a bit of time away with your nearest and dearest. From the minute you arrive at your luxury holiday house for 6 you can lock the world outside the door and enjoy every moment of your stay; get an online delivery from Dart Fresh or one of the supermarkets so you’re all stocked up on your favourite treats, put the music on, and RE-LAX!

Lark about in the pool together, be soothed by the bubbles in the hot tub, cleansed in the sauna (all great for your health by the way); have a competition in the games room – the winner has to make bacon sarnies for breakfast in the morning. Snuggle up for a movie night with a mahoosive bowl of popcorn, get the sausages sizzling in the BBQ lodge and stay out there really late swapping stories and telling jokes.

If you want to go out, well things are open, there are some very nice country pubs about and that, so check out our Things To Do pages and see what takes your fancy. Otherwise just put your boots on and go for a walk; you’ll find plenty of footpaths and bridleways to explore, winding lanes to wander and woods where you can kick your way ankle deep through piles of autumn leaves. When you get back your cheeks will be all rosy, you’ll be feeling good and you might just be a tad peckish so pop some toast on, slather it in butter, wash it down with a lovely mug of tea, freshly brewed.

Maybe it’s someone’s birthday, maybe it’s your anniversary or there’s something else worth celebrating – a graduation, an engagement, a new job. You might not be able to celebrate to the extent you normally would, with a big party and that, but you can come and raise a glass in one of our awesome holiday houses. Make the most of our special offers, celebrate in style! Take a look at the great deals we have for autumn and winter and book your stay today! We can’t wait to meet you!