Dart Fresh Home Delivery, Exeter, Devon

How do you like the thought of local produce delivered to your luxury holiday house? That’s what Dart Fresh do, 6 days a week. It’s easy peasy, order online and arrange your delivery for just after you arrive then you’re sorted for however long you’re here. If you need more, just order again – the beauty of it is that if you get your order in by 3pm they can deliver the next day.

So, what do they do? Well, everything really. They have fruit and veg boxes, or you can select foodstuffs individually and choose exactly how much you want. There’s an excellent selection of fresh produce, fish caught each day from the shores of Devon and Cornwall, a staggering array of meat including smoked duck, pheasant and venison, and there’s a good dairy section where you can buy clotted cream, yoghurt, butter and some seriously tasty cheeses. They do eggs too, free range from down the road, and every day there’s freshly baked bread, cakes and pasties, with an impressive gluten free range. They even stock household goods like loo roll and that, pet food, and alcohol.

Delivery is free if your order is more than £35, if not it’s just £5. What you have to remember is that they’re country folk at Dart Fresh and they’re up with the lark, so they do deliver early doors sometimes. But if you ring them and have a nice chat they’ll see what they can do, and they’re always happy to leave your delivery in a safe place for you. Give ‘em a go, support local businesses when you’re on your holidays in Devon and Somerset.

 Order online at www.dartfreshproduce.co.uk           
T: 01392 873036     All information correct at the time of writing

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