Have you all got your Christmas jumpers on? Your Santa hats and reindeer antlers? Bet you have, bet a few of you have even cracked open the Quality Street already, haven’t you? Well, we don’t blame you, bring it on, we say, it’s been a stinker of a year so we should all make the most of the festive season and get into the spirit a bit more than usual – after all, life is to be enjoyed.

Like we said, a stinker of a year and consequently a busier one here in the office, what with all the unavoidable cancellations and rebooking and the marketing – well, that certainly kept us busy! So earlier this month when everyone started putting their Christmas decs up, we thought, yep, why not? Out came the mince pies, on went the festive jumpers and Christmas tree earrings, and we don’t mind admitting it, we dug out the Christmas Crooners album and got a little misty eyed. We know it’s not going to be quite the same this year, but we have to make the most of it and the fact that we’ve all got this far and there’s light at the end of the tunnel is worth celebrating.

We can all look forward to better days now – we’re told that by Easter things will be brighter, so if you missed out on a holiday this year, now’s the time to look ahead and book for 2021 and 2022. Our luxury holiday houses in Devon and Somerset sleep up to 14 people and come with top notch features like indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, games rooms, BBQ lodges and children’s play areas, so they’re perfect for large group holidays and all kinds of occasions. Come and celebrate that special birthday or significant anniversary; come and enjoy a relaxing hen weekend, for a self catering corporate break with a difference, or for a wonderful family holiday. We’re really big on that – family holidays; sometimes it’s a few young families, sometimes it’s a multi-generational thing with everyone included from grandparents to babes in arms. Either way, our large group accommodation fits the bill because there’s plenty of space and there’s something for all ages.


One piece of advice we’d have to offer would be to book sooner rather than later, because what with all the lockdowns and restrictions we faced in 2020, a lot of bookings were moved to next year so there’s not as much availability as we normally have this early on. School holidays and the summer season tend to get filled up very quickly, so don’t hang about if you’re planning to get away then; likewise Christmas and New Year.

But for now, whoever you’re with, wherever you are, have a wonderful time; be sensible like Mr Johnson tells us, but do what you can to enjoy the festive season. And from all of us at Blackdown Luxury Lettings - have a peaceful and very happy Christmas 🎄