Lyme Bay, Dorset

Lyme Bay, Dorset

Lyme Bay on the coast of Devon and Dorset forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jurassic Coast, known for its unique geology and fossils; Lyme Regis is where Mary Anning found the Ichthyosaur and several other specimens that are now displayed in the Natural History Museum in London.

Being part of England’s southern coastline it’s inevitable that Lyme Bay draws the crowds during the holiday season – and increasingly throughout the year now. That’s partly because the weather is generally more temperate than in other parts of the country, and because of the beautiful scenery. There are several attractive fishing villages in Lyme Bay, with good beaches, quaint streets, and a backdrop of beautiful scenery – dramatic cliffs of golden or red sandstone open out onto rolling green hills and open fields. Most popular are Exmouth and Sidmouth, both with family friendly beaches, and Lyme Regis because it’s so charming. The quieter villages like Beer, Branscombe and Charmouth are just as lovely – great for mackerel fishing, fossil hunting and just enjoying the ambience. We love Lyme Bay; go and explore when you’re staying at your group holiday accommodation in Devon and you’ll see why.

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