RAM Museum, Exeter, Devon

RAM Museum, Exeter, Devon

If you love history and just LOVE learning about all kinds of things from all over the globe, you really should go to the RAM Museum in Exeter. Make sure you allow plenty of time because honestly, there is so much to see, and a lot of it will leave you open mouthed it's so amazing. 

There are very impressive displays of world cultures including rarely seen exhibits from West Africa, The Americas, Asia and Oceana. There's an astonishing collection of artefacts from ancient Rome and ancient Greece, and woah, a real Egyptian mummy in a painted sarcophagus, which is of one of the many things at the RAM museum that's of national importance. In the case Histories Gallery you can see a whale skeleton, an African bull elephant, and the museum's most famous resident, Gerald the giraffe. It may be tiny at 30mm long and 5mm wide but make sure you see the Japanese wheat grain carving because it really is something to marvel at.

The RAM Museum also has a reputation for holding outstanding art exhibitions and there's always something in the relevant galleries that's well worth seeing. Buy yourself a souvenir from the well stocked shop, have a coffee and cake in the cafe before you return to the busy city streets, your head full of wonder. A fab day out when you're on your family holiday in Devon.

Open: 10.00am-5.00pm Tues-Sun     Admission is free
T: 01392 265858    All information correct at the time of writing

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