Electric Vehicle Charging At Our Holiday Houses

Electric Vehicle Charging At Our Holiday Houses

We currently don't have electric vehicle charging at our luxury holiday houses, though this is something we may install in the future. We appreciate that a lot of people are now switching to hybrid or electric vehicles and we recognise the convenience of being able to charge your car at your large group holiday home, so we wanted to explain how things stand regarding self catering accommodation in the UK.

It's fair to say that we haven't actually had that many guests arriving in electric vehicles; there have been a few and some have asked if they can use an outdoor plug or run a cable from the house to charge their car. However, in line with our property insurance, we cannot allow this; this is dictated by the regulations regarding wiring, earthing rods and voltage restrictions on the circuits. Health and safety becomes a serious issue if guests didn't adhere to our rules as there is a fire risk to domestic 13 amp sockets and also a serious danger that the body of the vehicle could become live. The consequences don't evven bear thinking about.

When booking a holiday or short break with Blackdown Luxury Lettings all guests agree to these rules. We are sorry that our properties do not currently have EVPs and we recommend using this Zap Map to find local charging facilities.

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