Households and Bubbles Explained - Covid 19

In accordance with the Government Roadmap outof Lockdown for England., the current restrictions allow accommodation in self catered proerties for two households/support bubbles or 6 individuals.

It had been hoped that all limitations could be removed from June 21st, however as of the most recent Government announcement, this has been delayed.  From 19 July we are hopeful we can return to normal business.  These dates outlined by the Government are subject to certain criteria being met regarding vaccinations, infection rates and new variants.

It's important we stick to the rules every step of the way so here's some explaination about single households and support bubbles :

From the same household :

That's straightforward - if you are a family of up to 6 or more from one household , no problem, you can all go on holiday together just as you normally would.  

Example: Two parents with 8 children ( a total of 10 people) who all livce in the same household can go on holiday together. 

From the same support bubble : 

What does that mean exactly ?  Well if you don't know already, a support bubble as per is a support network between a household with only one adult in the home (a single adult household) and one other household of any size.  

What does a single adult mean ?  Single people who live alone, obviously or single parents with children who were under 18 years of age on 12 June 2020 count.

Example : A family of two parents and 4 children could form a support bubble with a single parent with 4 children, making a support bubble of 11. 

What if you want to change your support bubble ?  The government advice is to avoid close contact with your existing bubble or other people for 14 days before forming your new bubble.  Be aware that if someone in your bubble develops symptoms or tests positive, you have to follow the same stay at home guidance.  You will find more on the official government website.

If you are travelling from abroad, there are rules and restricitons that may apply depending on where you are coming from, so we advise that you check this before you book.  We also advise you to take travel insurance which covers you if your holiday is affected as a result of having to self isolate or if you test positive for coronavirus.

Very importantly, remember that the safety and well being of our guests is our priority.  Our properties display the Visit England Good to Go Mark which means each property is subject to very strict hygiene procedures and is considered low risk.

We hope this gives you some helpful guidance as you plan safely and can enjoy your stay here with Blackdown Luxury Lettings.